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หากต้องการใช้งานเว็บไซต์ Sphere Agency ภาษาไทย สามารถเปลี่ยนแปลงการตั้งค่าได้ที่นี่

Results driven social media marketing agency.

Is there a strategy to your socializing? Social media marketing has the potential to build a dedicated community of customers, clients, and advocates.

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Build a community with a social media marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google My Business and many other networks are simply a part of daily life for millions – in fact, billions – of us. The ubiquitous use of Facebook extends to more than a quarter of the earths population- that’s more than 2 billion active users. 

With such a far-reaching scope, it’s no wonder that these networks have become such a valuable tool for businesses. If you’re not posting on Facebook, trending on Twitter or sharing pictures on Instagram, you’re behind the times – but we can help. 

Effective social media marketing is about much more than just posting. Understanding proper optimization on social networks is a nuanced and delicate thing. What works for one brand may not be best for your brand. 


Our Social Media Marketing offerings.

Social media offers a unique way to build relationships with your customers and introduce new people to your goods and services.

Channel-Specific Social Media

Before you consider what type of social media services your agency might offer, it’s worth considering which social media channels are worth your time. You need to know which sites and apps drive traffic, as well as which are most in demand from your clients or potential clients.

Strategy Planning

Creating content strategies for brands ensures that your clients have a plan set out and a good idea of what’s going to work for them. If you decide to create content strategies for your clients, you might spend time researching their audience and social keywords, as well as testing and analyzing different networks and types of content.

Account Creation + Branding

Business owners might be looking for advice on which social networks to use, as well as help getting started with setting up profiles and accounts. Our services can ensure that social profiles work for the brand, are SEO-friendly and perhaps even have some scheduled content to get them started in the first few weeks.

Content Marketing

Social media content needs to be engaging and encourage sharing to help brands spread their message. Creating content for clients using this “food pyramid example” can involve making graphics or videos, writing social media posts or blog posts, and sourcing shareable content to share from other brands and sources.

Content Publishing

Getting the right time to post can be difficult and might be harder when dealing with an international audience. It’s not the hardest job, but scheduling content really makes things easier for our clients. A content calendar is often the best way to guide clients on when to post what – but still allowing the flexibility to change things if needed.

Research + Analysis

A relevance audit can also take a closer look at details like the language a brand uses to communicate with its online followers. It might also include research into which social media networks the brand’s audience are using most and which brands in the industry get their voices heard more.

Education + Consulting

Social media can still be new for many business owners. Although they might use it in their personal life, it’s a very different thing to using it for marketing purposes. We offer services that can guide our clients in the complicated world of social media marketing.

Community Management

Real-time campaign management is one of the services we offer to help brands make the most of their social media strategy. By keeping our finger on the pulse, we can observe what the client’s audience is discussing and look for opportunities for content creation.

Community Management

Campaigns need to be flexible to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. We make tweaks along the way to optimize your results. Together, we can determine the most effective social media strategy and campaign efforts for your business.

Contests + Promotions

Build more engagement through photo contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and more. Keep them coming back with regular contests.

Paid Social Ads

Paid strategies can include audience analysis, ad graphic design, A/B testing, and more. This is an effective way to get immediate engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Research and strategize to determine the best influencers for your industry. We will reach out to them, manage their activities, and build ongoing relationships.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook features more than 2 billion active users, and advertising costs are so low that you can reach up to 1,000 of your targeted audience for less than $10. Here’s how we can help you make the most of those dollars.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can help you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time searching for a brand on the platform. Instagram allows you to promote your brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube marketing can be an intimidating tool for brands. We help through each step of marketing on YouTube — from how to create a YouTube channel and optimize videos for SEO to how to run a YouTube advertising campaign and interpret video analytics.

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Our Process

Adaptive Social Strategy. We design your social media marketing strategy around your goals and your audience’s expectations. We take a campaign-based approach in order to keep focus, and vary the content your audience consumes. 

In-Depth Reporting. Your social strategist provides regular reports and data-driven insights to show you what’s working and why. 

A/B Testing. Testing different approaches to your campaigns allows us to fine-tune a branded, engaging social strategy.









Grow brand awareness, engagement & traffic today.

Our packages are based on how many social channels you want us to manage. In addition to fully managing multiple social media profiles for your brand, we also offer à la carte options. Need to live tweet at an event, promote your company’s products, announce a grand opening, design and implement a social media contest or distribute a press release? We’ve got your back.