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หากต้องการใช้งานเว็บไซต์ Sphere Agency ภาษาไทย สามารถเปลี่ยนแปลงการตั้งค่าได้ที่นี่

Instagram advertising & marketing services to drive sales.

From fashion brands to startups to restaurateurs, we share a common goal with all our clients – to bring out the best in their brand through Instagram advertising.

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Why Instagram advertising? Facebook’s younger sibling isn’t so little any more.

Although a mere 35% of the population is on Instagram, they are still an incredibly engaged group. At least 59% of them log onto the platform once a day. 

Even better for brand awareness, Instagram feed & stories users don’t mind business content on the app if it’s aesthetically pleasing; in fact, 80% of users follow at least one business. 

Advertisers love Instagram stories because of its mobile-only format, which means that users are 100% focused on what they see on the screen. It doesn’t hurt that Facebook makes it easy to run and monitor Facebook and Instagram ads in tandem—so if you’re advertising on one, it makes sense to advertise on the other. 

Instagram Ads are inexpensive and hyper targeted. Effective Instagram Ads can reach 1,000 people with less than $5-$10. Instagram targeted ads can reach your recent website visitors, email subscribers, and demographics of your customers. You can use Instagram ads to fuel your website with qualified traffic and more conversions.


Our Instagram Advertising offerings.

Enrich your brand’s image with Instagram. Increase Brand Awareness. Build Consideration. Earn Conversions.

Instagram Analytics

We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong), ultimately improving your strategy.

Instagram Target Audience

We can identify and assess your audience, determining how best to use Instagram’s powerful targeting capabilities.

Instagram Strategy

We can create and implement an effective Instagram marketing strategy catered specifically to your brand’s goals.

Instagram Monitoring

We can monitor your Instagram page and campaigns, recognizing any opportunities or issues that pop up and responding in turn. We answer messages from followers, too.

Instagram Photography

We shoot stunning, one of a kind, recurring Instagram photography, planned and brought to life by professionals. With more than a dozen photographers to choose from, your project will come to life stylistically right before your eyes.

Instagram Content Creation

We can schedule regular posts that will fit right in with the artistic Instagram aesthetic. We can also help you create a page that attracts real followers. Including video ads and stories ads to increase your brand's video views.

Instagram Ads Creation

We are an Instagram agency that puts your best picture forward. Appealing, captivating, strategic, and relevant are just a few adjectives that describe the ads and copy our company creates for our clients.

Instagram Ads Targeting

We already believe that you have a great product or service and we already believe that we can connect you with the right audience that will be willing to buy. Our ad specialist use the latest techniques and software to find and convert consumers on Instagram.

Instagram Ads Optimization

Making the most out of your Instagram Ads budget is as important to us as it is to you. For this reason, we continuously A/B test your advertising campaigns and make changes often that rely on data to see which types of advertisements and what demographic provide the best results.

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Our Process

Instagram feed & stories has never been so easy. Our expert Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads team offers solutions for your brand to dominate on social media. We use the Facebook Ads platform to coordinate paid Instagram marketing designed to sell products and generate customers. Sell more with Instagram!









Truly engaging Instagram stories contents.

Audiences desire to be entertained. Yet, more and more, many Instagram Ads companies waste time and resources on ineffective, bland content ideas as opposed to building lasting and engaging thoughtful experiences. By curating and collaborating on a catalog of original, educational and engaging content, you can build brand trust, loyalty and awareness.