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หากต้องการใช้งานเว็บไซต์ Sphere Agency ภาษาไทย สามารถเปลี่ยนแปลงการตั้งค่าได้ที่นี่

Attract new customers with eye-catching graphic design.

Powerful branding depends not only on aesthetic features of brand elements but on the details such as message and emotional appeal standing behind it.

Graphic Design Sphere Agency BannerA mobile-friendly train traveling down a city street at night.


Logo? Business cards? Website? Packaging? Let’s get started!

In today’s world of modernization and digitalizing visual arts play an important role in marketing your brand? Any form of art that includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, drawing, and graphic design is the visual arts. Visual art is something that feels worth watching to the eyes and human aesthetics. 

From striking logos and business cards, to compelling package designs and trade show displays, our graphic designers, copywriters and illustrators will create the ideal images and text to communicate with your target audience. 

We understand and analyze the business needs of our clients and offer them the best graphics accordingly. You can give us your idea, we will make sure to give them life. Our graphic designing website keeps itself updated with the latest trends of graphic designing around the globe so we understand your needs and add value to these trends. We are here to serve the global market with the best solution to your design inspiration as per your demand and paving an online way to your success in the business. 


Our Graphic Design offerings.

Graphic design is a trademark that leaves an impression in the minds of your customers whenever they think about you.

Logo Design

Whether you crave clean minimalism or are gaga for grunge, our professional designers will create the perfect custom logo for your brand. Work with experienced designers to create a logo that will grow your brand.

Business Card Design

You nailed that first impression, but a business card sticks around even after a meeting is over. Make it unforgettable. Get a custom business card design and our designers will create something you’ll love.

Stationary Design

How do you send a better letter? Send it on custom stationary, you go-getter. Complete your branding with gorgeous custom stationery that keeps you looking polished and professional.

Brand Guide Design

Branding ain’t easy. But working with a professional designer to codify font, color and style choices can sure make it look good. Extend your logo into a brand. A professional designer will create a brand guide document that you can share with your team, partners and others designers to ensure consistency.

Brochure + Catalogue Design

Looking to swap out the brochures or catalogue you’ve been using for years? Trade ‘em in for a custom design illustration. A brochure is your brand at a glance. The perfect brochure gives your audience everything they need to say “yes” to you.

Leaflet + Flyer Design

Trying to grow your brand’s reach? A custom leaflet design would have a “tree”mendous effect. It’s the perfect grab-and-go marketing tool. Whether you need a product one-sheet or an event flyer, leaflets give your audience everything they need at a glance.

Poster Design

What’s one thing every rock star has? Posters. We can’t promise we’ll make you a rock star, but we can make you an awesome poster. For every big movement, great movie, epic event and the back of every bedroom door, there’s an iconic poster. An enticing, custom poster design ensures that people won’t forget your message anytime soon.

Infographic Design

Can’t decide whether you need info or graphics? Get the best of both worlds in an infographic. You’ve got data, lists and all sorts of information your customers need. Why be boring when you can create an engaging infographic?

Car Wrap Design

Wondering how you can drive more customers to your business? Work with our designers to create a custom vehicle wrap. Your brand is ready for the road! Promote your business with a custom vehicle wrap for your car, truck or van, and get ready to take it everywhere.

Billboard Design

Don’t let marketing opportunities pass you by. Drive traffic and ramp up sales with a billboard. You’ve got something important to say, and you’ve only got a split second to say it. Make your message crystal clear with a custom billboard that says all you need to say, no stops necessary.

Banner Design

Stand and deliver. Or hang and deliver. Invest in a banner to show the world what you do. If you want people to notice, say it with a banner. A beautiful banner design shows everyone who you are and what your brand is all about.

Website Design

Every business needs to be online. Stand out from the competition and make your brand look its best with stunning web page design. With Sphere web design services, you’ll get thoughtful, effective web page designs created by professionals.

Social Media Design

The whole world is going digital. Make your marketing go viral with expertly-crafted social media page design graphic built to match your brand. Follow us here: our designers create social media pages that “tweet” your brand right.

Email Design

Using email to reach your base? Make their inboxes more exciting with a hand-crafted email template. Newsletter or blast, you’ve gotta say it fast. With a custom email template you’ll always be ready.

App Design

Wanna take your brand everywhere? Go mobile. With a custom-designed app, your business goes wherever your customers go—all in the palm of their hand.

Product Packaging Design

Think outside the box (or tube or packet or satchet) with professionally designed packaging. Great packaging will make your product pop. And jump off the shelf (into customers’ carts).

Food Packaging Design

Mmmmmm… You just cooked up the next big tasty treat. Now, let’s get your customers to purchase your yummy product. When food packaging looks this good, it’s not a bad idea to make it edible.

Product Label Design

Want to stick in their minds? We can help you design custom label that can go on anything. A great label design is like a great book cover—informative, intriguing and inviting. Plus it makes customers say “yes” to your product.

  • Graphic Design Sphere Agency Slide 01A mobile-friendly brochure showcasing a man and a woman.
  • Graphic Design Sphere Agency Slide 02A mobile-friendly billboard advertising an air conditioner in Thailand.
  • Graphic Design Sphere Agency Slide 03A mobile-friendly calendar featuring a picture of a couple.
  • Graphic Design Sphere Agency Slide 04A selection of stylish jackets and coats for both men and women.
  • Graphic Design Sphere Agency Slide 05A collection of flyers for a birthday party featuring mobile-friendly designs.


Our Process

We are the original graphic designer, flexible and creative thinking with a great passion for graphic design. We work with a variety of companies and clients across different industries from a large corporation, entrepreneurs and nonprofits both local and abroad. We believe that the graphic design has the ability to change the perspective of the world for the betterment.






Our creative agency allows your brand to evolve fast and tap into new digital strategies.

We offer a complete range of quality brand identity with graphic design services, guidelines, and branding consultation. Our professional team is an expert in creating interactive and engaging designs to translate your business ideas into great Infographics.