We create new paradigms of innovative ideas and revolutionary concepts

Being precise to customer’s needs determines your success in the middle of a wildfire spreading in the extent of innovation.

Build a remarkable image that your clients would not just appreciate but trust by exercising a unique strategy in establishing a strong and effective foundation of business, and by creating a clear path in conveying a message. Set a standard that could strengthen the relationship between your business and your clients and develop a scheme that could change and improve the future as how you vision your business and your aims as one.

We effort in making your audience, followers and clients be emotionally tangled with you instead of just arresting their attention on a seasonal basis. For us, every project is made with special care and will be exclusively unique. In view of the enormous amount of work and complication involved as a component, our production is based on unfading passion and devotion for the social enterprise and perfects each unique task to every series of detail.

Nalin (Lin)

Nalin is a woman armoured with beauty, intelligence, creativity and a kind heart. She admires luxury items, which is a very helpful characteristic in dealing with exclusively luxurious clients. She loves the harmony of music, admires dealing with various known people and a constant admirer of pets, and especially cats. She is the woman behind every successful communication and collaboration between the company and the clients and she, also is the woman of good intentions.

Jarumon (Mink)
Communication Designer

Jarumon is a computer and a graphic wizard. She grew up with the presence and embrace of computers, designs and an incredible collection of outstanding books and movies. Although quiet in appearance, her heart and mind are evidently enclosing remarkable thoughts that are loudly communicating with various kinds of people and into the world through illustrations, designs and other masterpieces. She is the woman of example. A woman who can deliver a touch of feminism that impacts both the feminine and the masculine society.

Chainaronge (Tae)

The treasurer who comes with a full commitment to dedicate knowledge and ability to work for Sphere Agency. All accounting jobs for him is very easy as he is a very good at controlling, manage and take care of invoice and corporate budget. Our new important member who concentrate to makes the company more successful and progressive.

Sutara (Koki)
Communication Designer

Sutara is a thinker with a great pair of eyes; a graphic designer dedicating his working life to create compelling and powerful designs delivering to clients. His fashion sense and graphic designer background guide him in perceiving things through artistic prism and his passion in art extends further with his keen interest in makeup techniques.

Chosita (Aye)
Communication Designer

Chosita is a good-natured woman with the finest sense of aesthetic and design. She surely is the person behind the creation of corporate identity. Her cheerfulness, liveliness and creativity are expressed through design element and chiefly in her illustration. She is an animal-friendly person as well, giving plenty cares for her many pets and other animals and also appeals to adorable stuffs.

Ariya (Ice)
Computer Scientist

Ariya is the person behind the successful design, coding and modifying websites to create the finest user-experience for your website. He strives to create a visually appealing site featuring user-friendly design and clear navigation for your company’s website. He is the life of the party wherever he goes he turns the ordinary situation into fun and laughter.

Preecha (Ball)
Creative Storyteller

Preecha is an enthusiastic photographer. He manages the lighting, angles, and equipment and always prepares in advance for the best outcome of cinematographs and photographs. Aiming to create a remarkable production and express a momentous and meaningful story by its majestic element. With his attentiveness in traveling to different places, it pushes him to capture unforgettable moments.

Pornsinee (Meiji)
Brand Strategist

Owning to her favored leisure is running varying journeys, it brings out her imaginative thought which benefits brand growth. Getting to know various perceptions, seeing plenty of wondrous cultural and social lives and comprehending gives Pornsinee a well-timed opening to be breathlessly inspired, generate free-flowing creative ideas and genuinely fabricate the best as her goal of shaping success of many brands.

Nuttapol (Nut)
3D Artist

Nuttapol is an imaginative 3D artist who enjoys generating an exciting and creative 3D art. He excites in meeting the power of 3D, which he can simulate, create and give life to items in a virtual world. With his skillful artistry in 3D making, he always envisions and brings his inventive imagination into the fascinating virtual world.

Techit (Gus)
Computer Scientist

Techit is a web developer. He has a good sense of humor, likes to tell jokes and make people laugh. He eagers over creating an elegant website from blemishes, fashioning everything to be practical and aesthetic together. He wants to build and shape a higher quality of user experience in the virtual world.

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