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Powerful branding depends not only on aesthetic features of brand elements but on the details such as message and emotional appeal standing behind it.

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Stunning visuals for your needs.

The entertainment industry has been the privileged with animation since the longest period of time, but the scenario is changing now as many other industries are adopting animation. To stand out in high competition and to achieve success in the business, organizations are required to come-up with new concepts to promote their products and grab the attention of their potential customers. This need of new ideas has made 3D animation more popular and demanding in numerous industries. Many industries have adapted animation in the past few years, including gaming, education, engineering, biotech, medical, corporate department, architecture and many others. Apart from the movie studios, various organizations, hospitals, universities and industries are incorporating advantages of animations to their business. 

The animation captures product’s design and features from different angles and provides the consumers a virtual view of the product. AnimationZoom is one of the best animation service providers in the USA and serving clients from all over the globe. We are well known for creative, appealing and innovative animations as well as world-class animation services. We utilize the recent techniques and animation software to design 3D animation solutions to keep you way ahead of your competitors by presenting your services and products in the most attractive and innovative way. 


Our 3D Animation offerings.

In all our endeavors to deliver the best 3D animation services to clients, we blend matchless quality and attractive aesthetical elements while relying on the most sophisticated and advanced technological infrastructures.

3D Product Animation

We provide world-class product animation services to generate stunning product videos for clients while adhering to their specifications. We also deliver outputs within a short turnaround time at affordable prices.

3D Medical Animation

We are extensively experienced and trained to provide our clients with a wide range of medical animation services to serve their varied needs. We use modern technologies and create the most advanced medical animatronics that meet project goals.

3D Animation + Movies

As a reliable 3D animation movie service provider, we have associated with numerous directors, film houses, and anime studios to provide them with excellent animatronics for several cartoon movies and short films.

3D Animation + TV Commercials

Who are your three key audiences? Having extensive experience in creating life-like CGI commercial animatronics and 3D cartooning, our 3D animation studio develops moving picture and 3D cartoon video services for various types of TV commercials and series.

3D Animation + E-learning

Having expertise in offering various e-Learning animatronics, we create insightful concept & explainer videos and animations to enhance the learning experience and to boost the interest levels of learners.

3D Animation + Engineering

We also provide exceptionally detailed, functional, and top-class animation services by using the advanced techniques to meet a wider range of engineering and technical requirements of clients.

3D Animation + Architecture

We provide highly engaging and photo-realistic 3D walkthroughs for the real estate properties which helps in various online promotion and marketing campaigns. Showcasing architectural projects in the best possible way which attracts more customers.

3D Modeling

Over the years we have designed diverse 3D models which are successfully used by the construction companies, engineers, filmmakers, and animation studios to make their service propositions more attractive and value-added for their customers.

3D Rendering

we provide all-inclusive 3D rendering services for all types of businesses and organizations. We leverage the capabilities of 3D computer graphics to offer high-quality 3D visualization services, which can address even the complex requirements of clients.

3D Texturing

Overlaying 2D images, designing and texturing them to convert it into the 3D model is something that our professionals know by heart.

3D Lighting

Bringing the scene to life is called as lighting. Let’s make a scene convincing and virtually indistinguishable.

Compositing + Special VFX

Visual effects can add beauty to your stories that are being portrayed through videos, films and commercials. With Animation Dok, you can get really stunning VFXs that can add to your marketing videos.


Our Process

We create animation with the state of the art process to be followed. Starting from concept designing to storyboarding, texturing, modelling, rendering, lighting and final compositing. Everything is done under professional supervision. 

We don’t just focus on bringing out the animations, but we focus on bringing out the most innovative ideas in the market that can bring revolutionary results for our clients.






We deliver revolutionary CGI &3D animations.

Alongside this our live engagement tools, live streaming services and connectivity help brands and organisations across the globe live stream their events to audiences on a global scale whilst guaranteeing views and reach.

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