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Discover grace, a masterpiece of art and a passion for high fashion in the imaginary world of Areyah, the flower blossoms garden of poetry and timeless elegance. Created from the treasured moment of countless Thai Orchid blooms, Areyah represents beautifully sentimental appeal of perfectly poised yet feminine and charming nature embodies to each design’s essence.

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The Secret to Successis Always Exotic





Embraced with innate elegance and intrinsic sophistication, Areyah prides itself as one of today’s distributors of exotic leather bags in Thailand and overseas.

Areyah is a collection of personally and delicately crafted exotic leather bags and a composition of talented and skillful artisans. Its grace belongs to the bewitching charm of a Thai orchid, as it prevails to be the emblem of the brand.

Long before it was introduced to potential clients and launched publicly, Sphere has nurtured the roots of the brand with timeless magnificence and long-lasting quality excellence. Along with its journey is Sphere, a uniquely creative advertising agency that supports and establishes the brand in all growth phases—from branding, marketing and selling.


Thai Orchid
as The Brand Emblem

Following the theme, Areyah’s mark is a circle-shaped logo made of Thai orchids inspired by the blooming Vanda in our office. Brand development smoothly proceeded as days passed. With much effort, teams came up with exotic bag names, colors and classification, collections and prices. Along with the logo is the creation of the brand story, bag design, spare part, brand’s business card, care card, ribbon, box & dust bag measurement and design, paper bag measurement and design, ‘Twily’ or bag accessory designs.

To create a powerful image for the brand, what we did next was product photography. We took photos of each of the products Areyah sells. With everything we could, we focused not only on the design of the bags but also to its high-standard quality and flexibility. After capturing details and the images, Sphere also took care of cleaning and die-cutting the photos in order to get an image that fits the brand.

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House of Elegance

Because the brand understood that people buy leather, leather bags not only because of its appearance but also because of its use, our team made sure that we capture every detail that are necessary to buyers, consumers and even observers. One of the highlights we focused on is the quality of the skin—it is not damaged nor scratched.

Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkBeautiful young woman in pink dress holding a pink purse showcases mobile-friendly fashion in 2023.
Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA woman in a pink dress holding a bag showcases the importance of mobile-friendliness for websites in 2023.
Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkMobile Seo: Make Your Website Mobile-friendly In 2022
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The Legacy of Areyah

Apart from photography & Videography, we also offered the luxury image for the web design & development to Areyah. Unlike other brands, Areyah connects to people for their everyday use. Its collections are not just dedicated to be used on special occasions—every bag serves as a daily treasure and company.

Sphere created, designed and developed Areyah to present elegance, expensive quality and timeless designs for every product visible to audience. Our team’s forte is to create responsive wed designs to fit every screen the visitors might be using to access to the site. It is user-friendly and despite carrying numerous large photos, the site still loads in few seconds.The ability to shop online is not deprived to visitors who wish to do so. The website itself caters to the needs of clients and visitors across different nationalities.

Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkAreyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkAreyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA laptop showcasing a handbag website, optimized for mobile SEO in 2023.The homepage of a mobile-friendly women's handbag store.The mobile-friendly homepage of a website with pictures of different items.
Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA mobile phone and tablet featuring a woman's handbag, emphasizing the importance of Mobile SEO in 2023.


Our Passion and Pride

Uniting traditional craftsmanship with finest Thai leather making tradition, the skilled hands of Areyah’s expert create an exceptional piece of art that truly empower ladies’ elegance through their appeal & apparel. As artisans dedicated to the detailed crafting of precious exotic leather and its luxuries details. Passion and knowledge are the pursuit of ultimate performance of our craftsman. Each knit, embellish and braid tells its story of exotic leather pieces we put our heart in the making.


Get Inspired Everyday

Areyah is the reflection of feminine’s charm and passion. It represents the platform to share this happiness and passion with our closest companion. Honesty is our philosophy in foundation of the business, In Areyah, we use only the genuine & finest quality of element to produce our pride for the brand.

Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkIllustration, pink building.
Areyah Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA handbag made with white python skin and featuring gold hardware.


The Incomparable

Just like how Sphere began, Areyah also received the warmth embrace of humble beginnings and the fervor of an establishing icon. Sphere’s professional experience effectively contributed to the growth of Areyah. It all started with conceptualizing. Branding is conceptualizing. Jean-Pierre and Sphere Team members collaborated to create a realistic image for Areyah.