Design. Innovation. Quality. These are the words that represent the product of Mima Kids. Mima is one of the world’s most favorite brands for kid strollers, carrycot/basket, and many more. Each of the products they produce is made elegantly and with exceptional materials and quality, sharing incredible and high quality experience.

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Creating Positive Experience




December 2018

The brand "Mima" is dedicated in creating positive experiences for baby and parents. All of these are reasons why Mima is among the many we admire—incredible facilities and top services.

Inspired by their standard, we, at Sphere commit ourselves in delivering the best quality of website for Mima Kids. Apart from developing a responsive and user-friendly website for the said client, we also made sure that we followed each and every detail as they imagined it.


Driving Deeper

Mima's website loads huge and beautiful stroller and accessory videos and pictures which you can color-customize through your mouse and fingertips anytime and anywhere you want. You are also free to check every angle of Mima's product through the 360-degree view spin. This is to allow visitors to check the product with no limit—from 360-degree view to color-changing leathers. Mima's website is linked with the brand’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. It is translated in 6 different languages for visitors to easily access the page/s they intend to visit.

Mima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkMima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkMima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA laptop is displaying a baby chair and other products, highlighting the importance of mobile SEO for websites in 2023.A website featuring a diverse assortment of chairs, optimized for mobile devices.A mobile-friendly image of a child in a high chair.
Mima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkMobile Seo: Make Your Website Mobile-friendly In 2022


Thinking About the
Bigger Picture

The heart of Mima's website was the 3D interaction that acted as a world of knowledge visitors could enter freely. At launch, visitors are able to customize they favorite baby-stroller.

Mima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkA baby stroller and a baby carrier designed for mobile use.
Mima Case Study Sphere Agency WorkMobile Seo: Make Your Website Mobile-friendly In 2022


The New Standard

As a brand that values offering customers experience through the power of technology, it was time they had a digital experience that truly lived up to that brand "Mima" promise. With greater functionality and more customer-oriented content, Mima's new website elevated the user experience and the brand’s mission of connecting people, goods and information.