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Make your product stand out with an eye-catching packaging design.

Packaging is one of the key marketing areas — it triggers sales and reinforces brand awareness and your product’s purpose. Make sure your product stands out from the rest.

Packaging Design Sphere Agency BannerA kish bag with chili peppers and a cat adorned in Mobile SEO: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly in 2023 branding.


Why every great products needs great package design?

Focus on the packaging design has risen strongly over the past few years, when it was realized that a great package design has a huge impact on the success of the product. The package design is the only instrument that can create the right impression, properly introduce the product, reveal its values, and draw attention to itself. The package design is equally important for the returning customer. 

Customers spend no more than 4 seconds to read the information on the package, therefore, it is of absolute importance to convey it clearly. 

It is essential to be honest with the client and not to create an amazing package when you yourself know that the client will feel disappointed after opening it. 

Uniqueness helps to stand out from the competitors, become noticed and creates added value. 

If the company becomes successful, it is likely that you will want to use the potential grow and broaden the range of products, therefore it is necessary to have this opportunity! 

People adore comfortable, functional and well-though out thing that are pleasant to use. It strongly affects the customers. 


Our Packaging Design offerings.

Consumers often use emotions to make purchasing decisions, not logic. Eye-tracking studies have shown that consumers read an average of seven words while shopping, and they use color, shape and familiarity to influence their purchasing decisions.


Think about your current customer base. What do your customers love about your product? List every single benefit of your product and then next to each benefit, write down the type of people who need those benefits in their lives.

Target Audience

Once you have an image in your mind of your ideal customer, you’ll be able to design packaging to speak to them on a more personal level. In other words, develop a character in your mind who represents your audience as a whole.


Once you have an idea of your target audience, you need to decide how you want to speak to them on an emotional level. How do you want to make them feel? How are you going to convey your company values to connect with customer values?

Product Packaging Design

Think outside the box (or tube or packet or satchet) with professionally designed packaging. Great packaging will make your product pop. And jump off the shelf (into customers’ carts).

Food Packaging Design

Mmmmmm… You just cooked up the next big tasty treat. Now, let’s get your customers to purchase your yummy product. When food packaging looks this good, it’s not a bad idea to make it edible.

Retail Packaging Design

Packaging can make a product fly off shelves, from its launch to the tail end of its run. You’ve got the hottest new product. We’ve got stunning retail packaging that we know your customers will never forget. So, let’s team up! Get a retail packaging design and our designers will create something you’ll love.

Cosmetics Packaging Design

Enhance your product’s natural beauty with attractive packaging. You’ve got a beauty product that makes its users look their best. Make your product look its best with beautifully designed packaging. Start working with one of our professional designers to create custom cosmetics packaging that radiates beauty.

Box Design

Think outside the box with a professionally designed box design. An amazing product needs to come in an equally amazing box. Wow your customers with a box design that’s as unique as the product you’ve got inside.

Product Label Design

Want to stick in their minds? We can help you design custom label that can go on anything. A great label design is like a great book cover—informative, intriguing and inviting. Plus it makes customers say “yes” to your product.

Food Label Design

Need a tasteful design for your food product? We’ll make something consumers will eat up. Yum! You’ve got a brand new tasty treat. We’ve got everything you need to get your customers to say “yes” to your delicious product.

Beverage Label Design

Bottoms up! We’ll design the perfect label for your liquid assets. That delicious drink of yours needs an equally amazing bottle design. We’ve got what you need to make your beverage jump off the shelves.

Beer + Wine Label Design

Need a riesling to get custom beer or wine labels? Well, ours have strong notes of bright color with a complex finish. Hip hip syrah! Bringing a tasty, nuanced new beer or wine to market? Ensure it reaches connoisseurs’ palates by first catching their eyes with the perfect custom wine label design.

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  • Packaging Design Sphere Agency Slide 02The series is displayed on a mobile-friendly table.
  • Packaging Design Sphere Agency Slide 03An innovative tote bag featuring a palm tree amidst a color palette of white, black, and brown.


Our Process

Our creative production team of designers create a seamless transition from design concepts through mass production by leading you through; concept development, renders, best practices, new production techniques, and material research and development. Having designed many of our packaging manufacturing processes from the ground up, we are able to produce within the manufacturing mindset, and value engineer mass production from the beginning of any project.






Let’s create a great package design that sells!

We are excited to work with you to design packaging that will increase your sales, strengthen brand identity and build customer loyalty. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll create packaging that delivers your company’s message and makes a strong impact on customers.