Happiness begins with Carrier

Carrier is known to the world as the leader of air conditioning since 1902. This reputation can never be battled by any other air conditioning brand. Through this, our team has developed an idea from Carrier’s durable and long-lasting product quality from generation to generation. Our duty was to manifest the hidden success lying behind the Carrier brand and to convey all the technical progress of Carrier air conditioner into sophisticated marketing strategy.

We decided to begin with shaping Carrier corporate identity by designing a brand manual to focus on elevated feeling of using Carrier product, striving to make the most suitable decision for every component, fitting to the brand image and reflecting its value. To create an elegant marketing materials, our team has been passionately dedicated to build a unique and unified corporate identity, choosing professional yet luxurious color palette of Carrier Navy blue color with a touch of gold.

Every marketing material that we designed is depicted in Carrier brand manual, perfectly made for mastering further use of design in every task and being a guideline defining how elements can be used.

“Happiness begins with Carrier”, the campaign was introduced by ten talents who represent Generation Y, also known as Millennials, followed by creative photography and artworks to focus on family values that most people hold so dear to their hearts to express a feeling of a happy family and their lifestyle in the modern age.
Our goal was not only to present about outstanding features and advanced technology of Carrier air conditioning, but to focus more on user-experience, by establishing trust and connection with the audience on emotional level, touching deepest emotions during their happiest times spent with loved ones, emphasizing on the feeling of peace, freshness and luxurious comfort.

Part of our commitment was to produce professional and powerful website, video, photo, print concepts and artworks to make Carrier brand stand out with its uniquely tailored communications.

Later we have put these images as well as videos on various communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Carrier official website. Through our determination to communicate with the audience on a personal level, radiating happiness, harmony, and the elevated feeling of cooling when using Carrier air conditioner, we have succeeded to elevate the perception of Carrier brand as number one in efficient performance as well as sophisticated design.

Website www.carrierthailand.com officially represents Carrier (Thailand) made to be refined, modern and equipped with user-friendly interface and helpful information to calculate the BTU, a thermal unit as well as to get the recommended eco-friendly air conditioner. Besides, Carrier Thailand is the first website of selling air conditioner online by E-commerce, responding to the rise in the age of Internet.

We tailor each detail of the booth display and installation with special care, to create a unique experience for our clients who participate in Carrier special event, to make an outstanding and user-friendly display with modern elegance.
With the latest technology, the VR 3D Camera Lens 360°, and our experienced 3D artist envision and create design into virtual reality, unlocking the advanced way of examining design and feasibility.

For the customer convenience in an online purchase, we made a great effort to achieve the most easy-to-recognize name of nine air conditioner models by bringing their primary function to be their names, including X-power, Discovery, Atlantis, Challenger, Columbia, Explorer, Enterprise, Everest and Apollo.

Designing an advertising artwork requires many details to bring together and concern to attract more customers with artwork and the main advertising intention is expressed by visuals.

We worked our way through to receive such honor to be the ones who tailor Carrier brand identity and communications, an outstanding brand which is highly recognized around the world, holding a reputation of “The Legend of Cooling” among air conditioning brands for over a hundred years.
We proudly took the challenge, anticipating long hours of hard work and feeling enthusiastic about upcoming creative process. We strive not only to deliver the maximum value to our client but also to grow our spirit as an advertising agency.