Cooly The Little Yeti

Once upon a time on 17 Jul in 1902, it’s about 115 years ago was the most beautiful time of Mr. Willis Carrier that he successfully invented air conditioning and it was the first air-condition in the world.

At that moment, the little yeti girl who really loves to adventure around the world was travelling follow the coolness which lead her to Mr. Willis’s home and she found the coolness that she loved, it comes from the air-conditioner of Mr. Willis Carrier. She was very happy. Suddenly she appears to Mr. Willis, then they become a partner of coolness forever.

Our inspiration in creating the mascot for Carrier Thailand named Cooly come from the objective that we want Cooly to represent the brand attributes; coolness, durable and long-lasting.
We thought about the story of north pole, there is a yeti; the ice man with full of fur body and powers, living on the coldest mountain and has a long lifespan. This inspired us to create Cooly which is cute and friendly yeti.

Cooly loves coolness, she is a powerful girl, but very cute and kind. Her favorite food is ice-cream. She has been living with Carrier for a hundred years. Her smile makes everyone feel good and her words cool the reader’s heart. This is our intention to bring people to the brand by using Cooly as the mascot of coolness from Carrier Air-conditioner.