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Top 5 SEO Trends 2021: Rank Up Your Website To The Top

5 Seo Trends 2021 Sphere Agency Banner5 Seo Trends 2021 Sphere Agency Banner

We were all overwhelmed by the COVID-19 viral pandemic for the whole past year affecting the way we live our lives both online and offline. Businesses have to keep up with the new normal to reach their customers and maintain their financial stability. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is continually evolving to serve the consumers who seek fresh and relevant content. Here are trends that might affect your SEO strategies in 2021.

User Experience SEO 2021

User Experience (UX)

Designing your website to facilitate your user's online journey is the heart of UX design, and it is one major factor to improve your SEO scores. Here are some interesting statistics that we think you should know about the user experience on website and applications.

According to a Think with Google report, half of the surveyed consumers make purchase decisions based on how well-designed and accessible the website is. More than 1/3 of smartphone users will immediately go to another company’s site or mobile app if they do not get what they need. 39% of them make purchase decisions on the brand's mobile apps with fast functionality and transaction process. 60% of smartphone users choose to contact brands that they can find on Search Engine Results.

According to these numbers, we can see how important UX for websites and mobile applications has become. We have come up with some tips to better your website's UX signals for higher SEO scores.

Download speed gotta go FAST: Improving your website quality and load speed will considerably help with your SEO. Check your graphic content on each page to see if they are too big. Lower page load speed will affect the user experience signals, and affect your SEO scores at the same time.

Design an easy-to-use website: Walk in your user's shoes, think about the best approach to design your website with the most pretty, up-to-date design, and useful functionality to make it easy to access information.

Make it Mobile-friendly: we have discussed this in Mobile SEO: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly, and it still holds weight. Check out the article for more detail.

Semantic Search

Semantic search refers to the ability of search engines to consider the intent and contextual meaning of search phrases when serving content to users on the web. Using keyword planning and related terms to help users find your content on the SERP, Semantic SEO can help create content that answers the audience needs and get delivered right to there SERP. 

Here are some numbers about Semantic Search from Think With Google. 85% of search queries on mobile devices start with "Can I", while "Do I need" and "Should I" saw a 65% increase in search volume. 

These stats show that we are using more 'long tail keywords' to search for content rather than lone keywords. So it's better for creators to 'answer the audience's questions'. Try naming your articles with "What is ... and how can we use it?" or answer the frequently asked questions you got in the past.

Search Intent

Search intent or user intent is the goal of typing certain keywords on the search engine, whether it is for navigating to a destination, providing information, making a transaction, or looking for local businesses. 

Google's algorithm can identify search intent each user has in any language, so adjusting your content to fit with the journey will benefit you in the SEO game. In fact, Ahrefs reported that brands who adjust their content to comply with search intent see 667% increased organic traffic on their landing pages. 

Create content that falls in line with your user intent. Communicate with keywords or phrases that normal people use in real life and make sure to answer their questions. 

Zero-Click Search Results

Simply put, they are search results that answer the questions without having to click into another page. They are served directly to the top of the SERP. Common examples are instant answers, knowledge panels, calculators, definitions, maps, and feature snippets. 

Zero-click search results mostly appear on mobile devices. In the past two years, it grew by 11% and 9% respectively, according to SparkToro. Search Engine Journal reported that 62% of mobile users bounce out after getting their question answered at the SERP and featured snippets decrease CTR by 5.3%. 

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool to make your local shop seen by users in the proximity. A GMB page provides basic business and contact information, as well as user reviews and menu photos. 

Mobile users usually include the phrase "near me" in their search queries, along with phrases like "can I buy" or "to buy", according to Think With Google.

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