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LINE Official Account (OA) Guide: How to Get Started

A smartphone with a LINE Official Account (OA) Guide.A smartphone with a LINE Official Account (OA) Guide.

For the past few years, many online platforms have emerged to facilitate businesses and let them reach their target customers better than ever before. Each platform has its distinct characteristics and benefits it gives businesses that choose to do marketing through them. A survey data by LINE stated that 45% of customers who reach out to the brand via chat end up purchasing, and they are 15 times more likely to convert than customers who use only a shopping cart. 40% of Thai consumers prefer shopping via chat platforms as well.

This is the reason that brands from SMEs to corporates should include LINE OA or Line Official Account in their sale channels. See also our guide to Line Ads Platform (LAP) in this article.

What Is LINE Official Account?

LINE Official Account or LINE OA is a feature in the most popular chat platform in Thailand specifically designed for businesses. These special accounts can be a channel to create a follower base, do marketing communication like announcing promotions or events to the customers directly via Line chat.

It also facilitates businesses with various features suitable for different communication styles to give their customers the best brand experience at this touchpoint.

LINE Official Account Types

LINE OA Account Types

1. Unverified Account

Grey badge official account for any brand after creating a free account. An unverified account can access all basic features free of charge. One downside is that users cannot search for grey badge accounts unless they add with account ID directly. You can upgrade your account to be Verified account or Premium account afterwards.

2. Verified Account

The user can register for account verification to obtain the blue badge official account. Once verified, you can access additional benefits from LINE OA. Customers can search for the brand via LINE and other search engines, and they can promote the brand on the LINE Wallet page and get a free LINE Friend poster. The lifetime operational cost is only 888 Baht.

3. Premium Account

Green badge official accounts for large brands or organizations that need to communicate with millions of followers. Your account can be easily searched and can access Sponsors stickers (customers can download the brand's LINE Stickers for free). You cannot register a Premium Account independently; you need to contact LINE or through LINE's agencies only.

Chat Tags

5 Great Features You Should Know

1. Own the first impression with Greeting Message

You can make the first move count the second a new customer follows you with Greeting Message that can be tweaked into 5 balloons. Now coming in your shop will be dull no more.

2. Chat Tag

You can tag a customer's name for tracking, categorizing, or sorting into order statuses. This tag will help you remember details about each client easier. The tag will only appear on your side, so the customer will not see what you tag them.

3. Rich Feature

The Rich Feature allows you to send special kind of messages to your customers, divided into three types with different usages.

  • Rich Menu
    A big menu section shown at the bottom of the chat screen when a customer enters the chat. Rich Menu can be used for different occasions, from offering product information to embedding links to the brand's website. With a maximum of 6 actions you can do, Rich Menu helps customers get the information they are looking for easily, and the admin doesn't have to stare at the screen all day to answer all little questions.
  • Rich Message
    Send a big picture to your customers to catch the eyes even more than regular images. You can also embed links of up to 6 actions to drive even more sales.
  • Rich Video Message
    Much like the Rich Message, only switching still images for a video. You can embed links to lead customers to your web pages as you wish.

4. Card-Based Messages

This feature is the perfect match for brands with lots of products in their stock. You can send up to 9 products at a time and include buttons to lead customers to see more product information.

5. MyShop

Your own small eCommerce shop on LINE that connects to LINE OA will generate even more sales capability. The best thing about LINE MyShop is that you can close sales in one application, from making orders to payment via LINE Pay.

6. App Solutions

LINE OA can also connect to third-party applications to add more functionality to the Store. There are four applications at the moment: ACRM ChatBot, BOTNOI SME PLATFORM, EX10 CRM, and Yellow Reward. Each application helps you in different ways, mainly about ChatBot and CRM.

Basic vs Premium ID Line OA

Once you register LINE OA, LINE will give your account a random ID that comprises letters and numbers. You would not want your customers to see your brand by this random stuff, right? You can change it by upgrading to Premium ID and make your ID more appealing and easy to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses LINE app?

LINE is widely used in a number of countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. It is now considered a super app with over 165 million monthly active users worldwide. Fun fact: LINE first started as a disaster response app during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Can I use LINE for Business?

Line For Business is available to anyone. It's a great way to communicate with your customers and business connections, fans, and more! You can send messages through the app to your LINE and LINE@ friends. 

What is a LINE business account?

LINE Official Accounts lets you create a business account and connect with your customers and fans. You can use data estimated from user trends on LINE to send targeted broadcasts, as well as link your own data and external systems.

Is LINE for Business free?

All LINE Official Accounts are free to create and use. But the Free plan has a limit on the number of messages that can be sent. LINE provides additional paid plans to suit their demands.

Does LINE sell your data?

In accordance with the fundamental principles above, LINE will comply with its policies and will not collect data/information that is unrelated to the appropriate delivery of services, and will not mislead users or sell user data.

Can I change LINE Premium ID?

After you set your own Premium ID (the "@" mark + a combination of letters/numbers), it cannot be changed while it is in use.

Need Help Managing Your LINE Official Account?

If your brand hasn't started marketing via LINE OA, you're missing big time! Our team at Sphere Agency is here to create a potential sale channel for your brand. See our Digital Marketing Services and contact us today!

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By Yaya Adam on April 12, 2022


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