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LINE Ads Platform (LAP): Definitive Guide for Online Sellers

A person holding a LAP-branded phone.A person holding a LAP-branded phone.

Our previous article introduced you to LINE Official Account, one handy helper for online marketers. Today, we found another feature that will extend your LINE OA ability even further! A LINE Thailand statistics recorded that advertising via LINE Ads Platform can potentially lead 49 million customers to your brand. It also said that these ads could reach up to 2.5 Billion impressions per month. Let's get to know another great platform in the LINE business universe!

Line Ads Platform Overview

What Is LINE Ads Platform?

LINE Ads Platform (LAP) is an advertising platform from the most popular chat application in Thailand. You can place an advertisement on LAP by yourself or hire an agency for better results, as LAP offers some agency-only features inaccessible to ordinary folks.

They will appear on different pages scattered throughout the application, such as LINE Chat, LINE Timeline, LINE Today, LINE TV, or LINE Wallet. Each page has a unique ads placement. You can include a call to action button to stimulate engagement, be it adding your account as a friend or purchasing a product, whatever brings you closer to your business objective.

Add Friends Ads

One of the LAP's unique features, which we assume you can not find anywhere else, is the Gain Friends Ads.

Gain Friends Ads helps you encourage interested users to follow your brand’s LINE Official Account to receive future news and promotions. This feature helps increase your customer base, facilitate closing sales, and drive revenue exponentially. The best thing is, the ad spending starts from only 1,000 THB, and you only have to pay when someone adds you as a friend!

Benefits of LINE Ads Platform

Choose your ads objective

You can optimize your objective for buying LINE ads. Having a clear goal in mind helps you run your campaign with better performance and consistency. LINE has run this down into four stages:

LAP Business Objective

1. Brand Awareness

  • Reach and Frequency

You can choose the desired number of users reached and the frequency each of them sees your ads. You can do this only via the Agency Suite.

  • Website Visit

This option leads the audience to check out your website, see detailed brand info, or buy products and services. This is a great traffic driver for your website.

  • Video Views

This option helps drive your ad video view count. You can make a Call to Action button appear in your ad to increase the audience's chances to click on it.

2. Increase customer base

  • Gain Friend

This ad helps attract the audience to the brand and tempt them into following your brand's LINE Official Account, increasing the following count and making it easy to send announcements to your audience.

  • App Install

This helps bring your audience into downloading or trying out your application, thus increasing the download count for your app.

3. Increase sales and stimulate engagement

  • Website Conversion

Your potential customers who are excited about your products and services can access your website to make the purchase. What you get is the usage data to work on marketing or advertising effort in the future.

  • App Engagement

Stimulate application usage in the customer segment with your application installed, increasing app engagement like creating an account, playing minigames, or making a purchase.

4. Customer Retention

  • Dynamic Product Sales

This ad type helps you maintain your current customer base by catering to personalised ads which show relevant products to suit each person's behaviour. Note that this ad objective is only available in the agency suite.

LAP Target Eng

Precise and fine-tuned audience targeting

The precision of audience targeting in LINE Ads Platform can be defined into five topics: age, gender, location, device, and interests. You can fine-tune each topic even further. For example, the location option lets you go down into subdistricts. This way, LAP helps you reach your target better.

You can also set up a customised Customer Audience by analysing Lookalike Audience with the data from your LINE Official Account, website, and application. LINE Ads Platform can help you tweak your options to create a persona similar to your current customers and extend your reach even further.

LAP also helps classify your customers to do retargeting ads to tempt them back into converting ultimately.

LINE's data storage is neat and well-organized, so much so that you can work on it efficiently and in unexpected ways. Take this, for example; you can place ads targeting people who blocked your brand's LINE account to make them unblock and turn them into followers again.

Retargeting people who block you is another unique feature you can only find on LAP. But one thing to remember is that these people could be your former customer who already purchased or used your products. Showing them the same ads might end up in the same conclusion, so finding new ways to persuade them is crucial.

Variety of ad spending options to choose from

You can optimize ad types to best suit your objective.

1. Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM)

CPM option supports your brand awareness and recognition. You only pay once per 1,000 impressions from the audience.

2. Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC option is suitable for campaigns whose goal is conversion, focusing on website clickthrough and application download.

3. Cost Per Friend (CPF)

CPF is unique to this platform. Best suited for brands who aim to grow their followers to benefit in announcing news and promotions in the future.

Updated Image & Video Sizes

We mentioned that LINE Ads could take three forms: images, videos, and carousels. Each form can best suit each objective as follows.

1. Image

  • Reach and impression
  • Website traffic
  • Gain friend
  • App install
  • Website conversion
  • App engagement
  • Dynamic ads

We recommend 1:1 JPEG/PNG images at 1080*1080 px with less than 5 MB in size. The title can be 20 characters long and the description 75 characters long.

Image ads can be shown on any LINE sub-platform.

2. Video

  • Reach and impression
  • Website traffic
  • Video view
  • App install
  • Website conversion
  • App engagement

We recommend 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16 videos at 1080*1080, 1920*1080, and 1080*1920 px respectively. The file should not exceed 100 MB in size. The length can be between 5 to 120 seconds. The title can be 20 characters long and the description 75 characters long.

Video ads can be shown on LINE Timeline, LINE Today, LINE Wallet only.

3. Carousel

  • Reach and impression
  • Website traffic
  • App install
  • Website conversion
  • App engagement

Carousels are more or less like image ads. The only differences are carousels can hold up to 10 images, the title can be 40 characters long, and they can be shown on LINE Timeline and LINE Today only.

We recommend 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16 videos at 1080*1080, 1920*1080, and 1080*1920 px respectively. The file should not exceed 100 MB in size. The length can be between 5 to 120 seconds. The title can be 20 characters long and the description 75 characters long.

There are extended variations of advertising on LAP that you can test out if they suit your brand and adapt to help you reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses LINE app?

LINE is widely used in a number of countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. It is now considered a super app with over 165 million monthly active users worldwide. Fun fact: LINE first started as a disaster response app during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Can I use Line for Business?

Line For Business is available to anyone. It's a great way to communicate with your customers and business connections, fans, and more! You can send messages through the app to your LINE and LINE@ friends. 

What is a LINE Official Account?

LINE Official Accounts lets you create a business account and connect with your customers and fans. You can use data estimated from user trends on LINE to send targeted broadcasts, as well as link your own data and external systems.

Is LINE for Business free?

All LINE Official Accounts are free to create and use. But the Free plan has a limit on the number of messages that can be sent. LINE provides additional paid plans to suit their demands.

Why is LINE so popular?

LINE has a good reputation for its quality service and cute animated characters. This popularity has also made LINE to become the top-grossing app in Asia. LINE is more than just a service, it has become a powerful brand.

Does LINE sell your data?

In accordance with the fundamental principles, LINE will comply with its policies and will not collect data/information that is unrelated to the appropriate delivery of services, and will not mislead users or sell user data.

Is Line banned in China?

Most of the Western social media platforms are not accessible in China, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many others. China also blocks other instant messaging apps, such as FB Messenger, Line, Telegram, or Viber. The only exceptions are the Chinese apps WeChat or Weixin.

Need Help Getting Started on LINE Ads Platform?

If you have no idea how what to do or where to go on the LINE Ads platform, our team at Sphere Agency is here to help you plan strategic marketing and advertising campaigns that best suit this unique platform and thrive together. See our Digital Marketing Services and contact us today!

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By Yaya Adam on May 21, 2021


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