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Internet Speedtest: Guide To Reading Broadband Metrics

Guide to reading internet speed metrics: Blue light lines in a dark room.Guide to reading internet speed metrics: Blue light lines in a dark room.

The internet has become one of the daily necessities in the digital era. Having a fast and stable internet lets us access a universal amount of information and connect to other people seamlessly. So it's true that the Internet speed test is one thing that all net surfers should grasp to find the culprit and solve the issue when the internet speed is abnormal.

Why Should We Check Net Speed?

Internet speed test lets us identify the performance of uploading and downloading information online. Moreover, it makes us know whether you pay monthly for the net speed that your internet provider has advertised.

Today we gathered some speedtest websites in Thailand and global. If you still don't know where to start, try these links below.

Global Speedtest Websites

Thai Speedtest Websites

Internet Speed Test

What Should We Look For When Testing Net Speed?

After we click the start button and the app finishes the speed test, some parameters should pop up like this. Each parameter indicates your overall internet performance.

1. Upload Speed

Upload speed indicates how fast the net can transmit data from one computer system to another through the network, such as sharing files via email or sending video via chat applications. The unit of measure is Megabits per second (Mbps).

2. Download Speed

The download speed indicates how fast the net can receive the data and store it in the system, whether image files, videos or loading a web page. Regular internet connection has a lower upload than download speed, so there's no need to worry. The unit of measure is also Megabits per second (Mbps).

3. Ping / Latency

Ping is the parameter that indicates stability in transmitting data packets between the Client and the Server, i.e. the time taken for the data packet to travel from one end and back. The less the number is, the better. If the Ping is high, it means that our data transfer will delay accordingly. The unit of measure is Millisecond (ms).

4. Jitter

Jitter is how delayed the transferred packet can be received. For example, the first packet used 20ms to travel and the second used 25 ms, this means that the jitter is 5 ms. Having a low jitter means the data transfer performance is great.

Differences Between Bits and Bytes

1 Byte equals 8 bits. We use Byte as the unit to measure file sizes on your computer.

1KB = 1 kilo Bytes = 1,000 Bytes

1MB = 1 Million Bytes

The unit of measurement for internet speed is Megabits per second (Mbps), so don't get confused.

Note that bit uses a small 'b', while Byte uses a big 'B'.

Preparation for Internet Speed Test

We can check net speed on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. For better accuracy, we should do speedtest multiple times. Here are some ways you can prepare before clicking that start button on speedtest pages.

1. Close all web pages and applications

We should close every open page before checking the net speed, especially video and music streaming applications. Also, turn off other gadgets that connect to the network.

2. Stop downloading

It's better to pause all download or file transfer, which could disturb your internet speed test.

3. Connect to the internet

Connect your device to Wi-fi or use Ethernet cables to connect directly with the modem.

4. Start internet speed test

Check the net speed on your device using the mentioned websites and applications above.

Factors That Affect Net Speed

Connection technology

This is the most important factor. Each technology has its limitations. For example, the internet speed of fibre broadband connection is way faster than 3G mobile connection with different pros and cons.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We connect with ISP with different technologies mentioned above. Sometimes the providers advertise the speed which it connects with the user, not the user to the internet. Internet speed reduces even more according to the connection technology used. For instance, fibre may provide a speedy connection, but capacity varies drastically because of a large number of users sharing signals through this channel. Internet signal could lower and might affect the internet speed.



Usually, the internet connection between the Server and the Client includes the ISP, connectivity devices, and the computer or device receiving internet signals. The number of connected devices could affect the overall connection speed. Furthermore, the speed and performance of the Server also affect internet speed.

Internet Routing

Time of day

You might feel that net speed drops at a particular time of day, especially on the road in rush hour. Presumably, those are the times with the most internet usage, making the upload and download speed lower drastically. From the graph above, we can see that the connectivity regularly drops around 19.00 - 21.00. If you want to check your true net speed, avoid doing so at that time.

Hourly Broadband Speeds

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Download speed test work?

The download measurement is performed by opening multiple connections to a server and simultaneously downloading a large data file on all connections.

How does the Upload speed test work?

Upload speed is tested by reversing the sequence of the download analysis.

 How to get accurate speed test results?

Try these steps:

  1. Use the device and network where you want to test.
  2. Ensure a strong WiFi or Ethernet connection.
  3. Suspend your current file-sharing or download in progress.
  4. Close other tabs or video/music streaming services.

Does the number of devices on my network impact Internet speed?

The internet delivered to your home is distributed among all your devices. If there are too many devices using the internet, the speed might experience some slow-down across all your devices.

How does my device affect internet speed?

Different devices handle internet connection differently. Consider the speed of a supercar compared to a minivan. You wouldn't expect the top speed on a supercar to be the same as a minivan, and the same goes for your devices.

How does my connection gateway impact internet speed?

Your WiFi connection depends on your Gateway (modem or router) since all devices connect through it. An older generation Gateway may not deliver the fastest broadband speeds compared to the latest devices. Consider an upgrade if you have an older modem or router.


Internet Speed Test lets us know we pay for the internet speed that ISPs advertised. But anyways, internet speed is just one factor indicating good overall connectivity. You could miss the difference between the 10 Mbps and 6 Mbps connections while watching videos on Youtube or Netflix. The important thing is that the more users in your network, the more significant internet speed will be.

On the same topic, while internet speed is great and all, website speed is no less important. At Sphere Agency, we know that struggle everyone has when we try to open a webpage and it takes FOREVER to load. We can help you optimise your website to improve User Experience, including load speed, web-flow, and more. Check out our Web Design & Development Service and CONTACT US today!

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