5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies in Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand New Normal Sphere AgencyDigital Marketing Agencies In Thailand New Normal Sphere Agency

Ever since the beginning of the viral pandemic that affects industries from top to bottom, businesses in Thailand have to adapt to the constantly changing consumer behavior. It is never easy for any of us to cope with change. We, as a digital marketing agency, also have to put new strategies to practice for the post-lockdown reopening. 

Here are 5 things we think you should know about digital marketing in the new normal to help marketers get back up when life returns to normal.

Stay in Touch with your Clients

With a significant increase in online and social media activity in Thailand over the past few months, it is the perfect opportunity for brands to connect to their audience. Whether at home in quarantine or out at offices, they are virtually within reach. Stay in touch with your fanbase, provide the best possible services, and build an ever-stronger relationship with them. This will ensure your loyal customers to benefit your business when things return to normal.

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

Do your Homework

The global economy was hit hard by the pandemic. Consumers are more careful about their spendings, focusing on their goal, ruling out stuff they consider unnecessary. They need solutions to their problems, not annoying ads spamming their feed. They are more than ready to skip or block ads they find irrelevant. To prevent that, digital marketing agencies need to define the actual target audience’s demands and deliver on them for the best value. Avoid obvious, capitalized ADS. Try stepping in their shoes to find out the best and easiest ways to satisfy their needs. 

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

Review your Ad Spending

Since consumers are more thrifty on their spending, conversion rates on various channels tend to plummet. Also, the CPI of social media advertising has changed during the lockdown. What used to work before the lockdown may now have better and more efficient alternatives. We suggest search engine optimization, or Google SEO if you have never used them before. To make the best use of your online advertising budget, it is essential to review the cost of each channel you put money on. Adapt your online advertising strategies accordingly to see what to do and how to do to achieve the best outcome.

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

Be Socially Responsible

Consumers expect brands to be more responsible than ever. By showing empathy towards people who suffer, or supporting those who put the effort in helping people in need amidst the pandemic, you are presenting your company as community-oriented and socially responsible. You can communicate with them via social media such as Facebook or Instagram, or personalized emails for more intimacy. Also, you have to reassure your company’s COVID-19 safety measures, as health and safety have topped the number 1 priority for customers. This will help improve your brand image and benefit the post-lockdown marketing strategy in the future.

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

Communicate with Online Content

The consumers need encouragement and support from the brands they trust in such a tough time, and content marketing plays a big part in this. You should find ways to help people with the content you share, whether it be video, photo, or words. The company’s blog page and social media service are the perfect places to share valuable insights that might help fellow marketers. This will help reinforce your brand’s authority and attract potential clients. Also, be sure to create optimistic content that lifts our spirits in such an uncertain time. The audience appreciates the value you pour into your messages and will be more willing to listen to the next ones.

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies In Thailand Should Know For The New Normal

What's Next?

As the situation starts to get better, digital marketing will be the tool to help businesses get in touch and lift the spirits of their customers. What worked for your agency before might not work now, so it is essential to adjust your marketing strategies to find what works best for the present. The New Normal is just the beginning of a whole new world that everyone needs to live in. Keep yourselves prepared.

Need Help in the New Normal?

Does your brand need a marketing lift as things are returning to normal? Our team at Sphere Agency, a creative digital marketing agency in Thailand, is here to talk through any of these marketing strategies for the new normal, and more. Contact us today.

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By Sphere Agency on July 21, 2020


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